The Prophet

I will send my prophet
To you before that great
And dreadful day of the Lord comes

He will turn the hearts
Of the parents to their children
Or else I will come and strike the land
With total destruction.

Take my life
I am no better than my ancestors
Get up and eat!
‘Cause the journey is too much

You will have to travel. GO!
To the mountain of God
Walk along the road of the Lord
With the faith in your soul

I walked forty days
To the mountain of God
Silent was the place where I’ve heard his word

Go out and stand on the mountain
In the presence of the Lord
For the Lord is about to pass by
Then a great and powerful

Wind tore
The mountains apart
And shattered
The rocks before the Lord

Then there was an earthquake and fire!
But the Lord was not here
And after this came a gentle whisper
What are you doing here?

Strong is my faith in God
with his word I will find my apostle
I will throw my cloak

Will come the day when our paths divide
stay here because the lord calls me now
I will go to heaven
I will go to heaven